How to Access SEO Certification and Training from BrightEdge

SEO certification from BrightEdge will open doors and accelerate your career

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BrightEdge’s core value is customer success, which includes empowering users to maximize their value from the BrightEdge SEO platform and earn an industry recognized SEO certification. BrightEdge is the leading enterprise-grade SEO platform and has developed a technical marketing SEO credential that helps validate the expertise and knowledge of their more than 28,000 global users. By becoming a BrightEdge Certified Professional, users benefit from the growing demand for validated skills in using search and digital marketing technology. Learning SEO is just a certification away.

In-person training is made available at some Share events.

Get Started on SEO Training with BrightEdge

What does having an SEO certification with BrightEdge mean?

Being SEO certified and learning SEO means you understand the basic SEO workflow of: Discover, Create, Optimize, and Measure. The BrightEdge platform strongly supports these 4 phases of SEO learning and provides platform capabilities that map to each.

The BrightEdge SEO Certification Program is a user-level certification covering the core BrightEdge functionality including: Dashboards, Search Engines, Keywords, Pages, Recommendations, and Analysis. A BrightEdge certification validates a user’s ability to leverage the full BrightEdge platform to deliver value from search, digital marketing, and learning SEO.

At the end of the program all trainees will complete an online exam that will measure and validate their SEO learning and understanding of the BrightEdge platform.

  • Module topics include – Keyword Discovery, Share of Voice, SEO Performance, Opportunities, Help, Competitive Analysis, Tasks, Anomaly Detection, Recommendations, Dashboards, Keyword Reporting, Page Reporting, Universal Content, Insights, ContentIQ (site audit), and we are always adding new capabilities to the platform for learning SEO.

Do I have to be a BrightEdge customer to take their SEO certification test?

Yes, at this time the certification from BrightEdge is only available to licensing customers and their agencies. We are developing SEO and Digital Marketing certifications for non-customers and should have them available mid-year. In-person training is made available at some Share events.

Is an SEO certification from BrightEdge free?

Yes, the training and certification are free to all BrightEdge customers and allow for an unlimited number of people at the same account to certify. 

Where do BrightEdge customers go to train and certify?

Log in to the platform, go to Settings > Profile & Preference > Get Certified. In-person training is also available at Share events.

If I certified more than 1.5 years ago, should I certify again?

Yes, the BrightEdge platform, certification test, and the training materials are updated regularly and you will benefit from refreshing your knowledge and earning the latest certification.  

What are the benefits of having an SEO certification?

For Users:

  • Official designation – BrightEdge Certified Professional badge that can be used on business cards and social profiles
  • Recognition in the BrightEdge platform – BrightEdge Certified Professional badge appears when logged into BrightEdge
  • Professional community – Inclusion in an exclusive LinkedIn group for BrightEdge Certified Professionals of more than 7,000 SEO certified professionals
  • Certificate PDF  Electronically delivered certificate that can be displayed
  • Marketable skill – A BrightEdge certification validates a user's skill on the leading SEO platform and provides differentiation in the marketplace

For Businesses:

  • Hire skilled professionals – Tap into a network of professionals who passed this SEO Certification, and validate that your employee base has the proven skills to help succeed in search and digital marketing
  • Maximize value of platform – Ensure users fully leverage SEO learning and the BrightEdge platform to drive results

We're excited to certify our team! The BrightEdge Professional Certification is a great way to validate skill in BrightEdge S3.