What Is an SEO Company and Do You Need One?

More than 8,500 Brands use BrightEdge as Their SEO Company

An SEO company helps brands drive business. The work can be done in-house or by an agency or as a combined effort. In either case an SEO company and solution needs to provide the ability to discover, create, optimize, and measure their SEO results.

Success in SEO requires:

  1. Quality content that is thematically organized
  2. Pages that are well linked internally and externally
  3. Site pages that load fast
  4. Use HTTPs and do not have mixed content on secure pages
  5. A site that is mobile-friendly
  6. Excellent technical optimization that makes the site easy to crawl and navigate
  7. Up-to-date sitemaps, robots.txt, and use of the latest code, like schema
  8. Elimination of site errors, especially 404, page not found
  9. A strong plan and content creation cadence
  10. Elimination of duplicate content and meta data
  11. Complete and accurate local and Google My Business information
  12. Lean and efficient site code that runs flawlessly

What began in 2007 as two people working from a kitchen table has grown to more than 375 employees and an SEO company with eight offices worldwide. BrightEdge grew to become the leading SEO company with the most-adopted enterprise SEO platform, assisting over 8,500 brands with proactive SEO and content performance marketing insights that keeps them ahead of the curve.

BrightEdge’s patented tools translate into revenue for clients. From the largest hotel groups to the top 10 online retailers and the biggest companies in technology, brands turn to our company as the platform of choice when they need to measure and optimize the content and win online.

The SEO Company Innovating the Fastest to Help You Stay Ahead of the Curve

Organic search comprises 53% of all searches made online. The need for dynamic SEO strategies, and a comprehensive SEO technology to manage it and refine content into meaningful marketing action, is clear.

Google and other important search engines update their algorithms hundreds of times per year with large and small impact. BrightEdge is a Silicon Valley content performance and SEO company that’s on the leading edge. Part of that means that we’re always building and testing new technology that prepares our customers for changes to the search algorithms, content performance, content marketing, and digital marketing in general. Our platform leverages AI-powered technologies that allows brands to execute on their SEO and Content Performance Marketing within a smart framework, enabling them to stay current with the latest best practices in search optimization, even in cases where algorithm tweaks are no longer publicly disclosed or outlined in detail.

That’s why companies all over the globe rely on BrightEdge as their SEO platform and its patented technologies, like Share of Voice competitive tracking, Mobile Search performance metrics, and unparalleled Social SEO and Content Performance Marketing capabilities. Our rapid rate of innovation and release differentiates us from any other SEO company.

SEO Company BrightEdge StoryBuilder Technology

Here’s a sample of some our powerful innovations as a company:

  • SEO and Content Insights: Our AI-driven capability, Insights, watches for opportunities and threats and communicates the high-priority ones daily to the customer.
  • Mobile-First Era SEO: Your share of mobile customers is growing each day. Search engines like Google continue to emphasize the importance of mobile search optimization in order to compete online. BrightEdge gives you the data to win at mobile search.
  • Secure Search: In an age of secure search and Google’s “(not provided)” data, our page reporting gives you access to total content performance in revenue, visits and conversions at a page level, not just a keyword level.
  • Content Optimization: Content and editorial teams integrate our content optimizer into their CMS to easily create search-optimized content.
  • Competitive Analysis and Insight: BrightEdgedeveloped the first patented “reverse index” of the web that offers you a thorough glimpse into how your content performance footprint compares to your competitors.
  • Global, Local, and Hyperlocal: BrightEdge’s content performance marketing platform integrates with major search engines outside the United States to track the metrics that are important, no matter where your brand takes you. BrightEdge provides hyperlocal Google rank in 72,000 locations across the world to enable regionally precise tracking.

SEO Company that's Proven Across Industries

BrightEdge is the SEO platform of choice for thousands of global brands, including some of the largest brands in the United States like Adobe, Marriott, Nike, 3M, Microsoft, Hallmark, L’Oreal and more. SEO and Content Performance Marketing come together in the BrightEdge platform to drive results for our customers.

Our clients span industries from B2B to B2C and everything in between and have at least one thing in common: complicated digital marketing strategies that require trusted data.

Ninety-six percent of clients recommend BrightEdge technology. Head to our Customer Success Stories page to hear testimonials from customers including Cabela's, Best Western, and Epicor who leverage BrightEdge for SEO results.

SEO Company with Exceptional Customer Success

Our content performance platform is backed up by an exceptional customer success team consisting of alma mater of companies, like Accenture, Salesforce, Adobe, Google, McKinsey, Starbucks, Wells Fargo, and Yahoo.

The BrightEdge Customer Success team offers an ongoing partnership that features a proven onboarding program, consulting on content performance and BrightEdge technology best practices, and the most popular and used training and certification program among any other SEO company.

Prioritizing your strategies, assessing your success periodically and helping you make consistent progress are just some of the areas in which our Customer Success team collaborates with you.

SEO Company BrightEdge leader in SEO

Thought Leaders in SEO, Digital Marketing, and Content Performance

As the leading content performance marketing and SEO software, we take pride in cultivating the professional community we’re a part of through knowledge sharing. We do this in top search engine publications, at industry conferences and through BrightEdge’s own Share event, which brings together the world’s leading brands to talk about strategies in digital marketing.

We catch trends before they happen, analyze them and share with the community what we’ve learned. You can see examples of our insight in Search Engine LandMarketing Land, and Search Engine Watch, to name a few.

SEO Company Accompanied by an Accomplished Management Team

In addition to Jim Yu and Lemuel Park, BrightEdge’s management team includes accomplished executives from Salesforce.com, Digg, AOL, and Microsoft.

SEO Company with a Global Footprint

BrightEdge is based in San Mateo, CA with offices in New York City, Cleveland, Chicago, Seattle, Tokyo, Sydney, and London. Each BrightEdge office is strategically placed in order to have a finger on the pulse of digital marketing hubs around the world.

Because many of our clients are international companies and brands, we have people on the ground in many of the regions we serve. In order to create the most valuable experience for clients, our company spans countries and cultures, ensuring we comply with various regulations where our clients operate, and consult on SEO and content performance strategies that make a connection and drive results.

Global SEO Company employees - Brightedge

The BrightEdge team in San Mateo.

We see what we structured with BrightEdge in a very collaborative way, a great partnership where we can continue to position ourselves in a world class digital marketing leadership role and absolutely the innovations that we’ve seen from BrightEdge have helped us.