What is the RankBrain Algorithm?

What is the RankBrain Algorithm?

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RankBrain is a major part of the Google algorithm that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to learn about users and how they respond to the search results, particularly on previously unseen queries. The program watches how people respond, learns the meaning behind the query and the information that people seek.

This technology was developed to help Google process the nearly 15% of queries entered each day that the search engine has never seen before. Rankbrain was launched in October 2015 and has since then risen to be the third most important ranking signal. Now, RankBrain is involved in most queries entered into Google.

Why is RankBrain important?

Although RankBrain was developed to focus on the completely unique queries seen daily, Google has indicated that this part of the algorithm is now a critical part of organic search. According to Google senior research scientist, Greg Corrado, taking away the program would be hinder the user experience so much that it would be about the equivalent of failing to index half of the pages on Wikipedia.

How do I optimize for RankBrain?

Although Google has not explained how exactly RankBrain impacts search, it is likely that it has a role in helping the algorithm understand content to create more accurate results. To keep your content ranking well, use the following steps:

1.    Focus on creating high-value content that explores topics in depth and answers customer questions

2.    Use schema markups to make sure that it is easy for the algorithm to understand your content. Although this does not currently seem to impact ranking, it is possible it will in the future if Google introduces more AI into its algorithm.

3.    Monitor your traffic and conversion rates to watch for dips or rises that can tell you how well your efforts are succeeding.

RankBrain was an exciting development because it introduced AI into the Google algorithm. It is likely that this trend will continue in the future, as the search engine works to make their algorithm smarter to maximize the user experience. Preparing now with user-friendly content and machine-friendly markups will ensure your content is ready for any algorithm changes.

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