How To Do Local SEO For Multiple Locations?

Do multiple location SEO for your business

When it comes to driving customers to a brick-and mortar business, local SEO remains a pivotal part of any strategy. Google tells us that 46 percent of searches are made with local intent and 76 percent of searches for a local business will result in an in-store visit within 24 hours.

Many businesses, however, have to figure out how to come up with an SEO strategy for multiple locations. Each location has the same name, but they want to make sure that they appear in the local searches for their region. Follow these steps to learn how to do local SEO for multiple locations.SEO strategy for multiple locations - brightedge

  • Have a separate page for each location
  • Optimize each location page
  • Have Google My Business pages for each location

1. Have a separate page for each location. Create a page for each of your locations. These pages should speak specifically about the services that you offer in that particular location and contain content targeted at people in that specific area.

This location page should include the local address, as well as your contact information. Make it easy for people interested in visiting your business in that specific city to access this information.

2. Optimize each location page. Each page you create for your different locations should also be optimized for that area. This begins with your URL. Make sure that the URL structure is logical and easy for users to follow. For example, you might have a set up such as and This will make it easy for Google and the users themselves to understand that you have multiple locations and where they are.

The content itself should also include the keywords related to this specific location. If you offer a photography business, then the content for each city might mention popular photography destinations and services. Tailor the material for the local clientele.

3. Have Google My Business pages for each location. You can also use Google My Business for each of your locations. You can use the same account to manage all of the locations to make it a little easier.

Tailor each business profile for that specific location. This includes using images, business hours, contact information, and website URLs specific to that location.

Remember, as with all local SEO, the importance of maintaining consistency in your name, address, and phone number. Verify that each location of your business has that same consistent format each time you mention it. This will make it easier for the search engines and users to find and understand the information that matters the most for them.

Properly optimizing your business for multiple locations requires some careful strategies and work. Carefully create a well-organized site that clearly articulates each location, and then optimize your Google page. This can help each individual page appear in the proper searches and create a strong digital presence for your locations and your organization as a whole.

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