Google Keynote: Search Intent, Content, and Mobile Customer Experience

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   Thao Tran
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According to many sources Progressive Web Apps are "the biggest thing to happen to the mobile web since the iPhone." (source MarTech today). In this keynote session Thao Tran, Global Product Partnerships at Google, shares insights about the latest on the mobile web. Topics include Google’s goal to help users have a frictionless mobile experience. Tran talks through how the web is an open, interoperable platform for marketers to build and develop experiences that can be accessed by a large potential audience with no friction.

Learn how the Chrome team, in partnership with members of the broader web browser community, has been hard at work transitioning the web platform to work well on mobile devices, and why the mobile web is open for business. Takeaways on Google's key changes to the web platform, including Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA), and what they mean for customers and marketers.

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