How To Follow Google Image Search Guidelines?

Understanding Google image search guidelines

For those who need to optimize their material for local SEO, Google My Business and Maps play a large role in their strategy. Building out a quality My Business page allows brands to better attract potential customers to their business and appear welcoming on the local SERP.

As a part of these pages, businesses want to take advantage of the Google Posts feature.

For brands to build out these Google Posts, however, they need to make sure that they're paying attention to the Google image guidelines and requirements. Reports have recently arisen concerning Google becoming stricter about the rules regarding the images people upload on Posts. Here is what everyone should know about the rules governing the images for Google contributor posts.

  • Making the images authentic
  • The images must be relevant
  • The image must meet minimum quality standards

1. Making the images authentic. Google wants to make sure that people do not upload images that do not accurately reflect the business. This means that stock imagery or images taken by others are not allowed. All of the images portrayed on the site must be taken at that location.

Similarly, Google does not allow users to upload images that have considerable modifications or filters that seriously alter the appearance of the location.

2. The images must be relevant. Google also does not want to see images that do not offer any value for users interested in this location. If the image is irrelevant, then it will not be accepted for the page. This includes if the main subject of the image is not relevant to the page.

3. The image must meet minimum quality standards. Google will also reject images that do not have sufficient lighting, resolution, or otherwise present a challenge for users to understand the ‘environment’ exhibited.

Google also notes that it only allows videos and photos, which means other image forms, such as animated GIFs or drawings, will not make the cut.

If you want to superimpose text or graphics on your images, such as a logo, you will also have to abide by the Google image guidelines outlined here:

understanding google image search guidelines for your optimized website - brightedge

The images that Google permits on these pages must abide by strict guidelines as a part of Google's efforts to create a high-quality web experience for users. By narrowly limiting what people can upload, it helps to ensure that the images seen provide customers with the desired experience.

With Google apparently taking a greater interest in the images being uploaded and refusing a greater percentage, brands need to carefully review their desired visuals to make sure they abide by Google image guidelines.

Focus on images that:

  • Are original
  • Pertain directly to your business
  • Create an accurate perception of your organization
  • If they have any superimposed text, that they follow Google image guidelines above
  • Are of high-enough quality and size to be very clear

For more information about Google’s guidelines, please see the rules listed here.

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