How To Do Schema?

Schema provides sites with the opportunity to provide more information to search engines about the content contained within a page and who it is intended to serve. This can help the search engine know when the site should be displayed. It can also help sites ensure that their page is fully eligible to appear in any relevant rich snippets, increasing their chances of earning that extra bit of real estate on the SERP.  Here is what all site owners should know about how to do schema and what it means to use the to do schema for technical seo - brightedge

Schema is a structured data markup that provides search engines with additional information about content on the web by defining precisely what it is. Schema was also developed collectively by a group of search engines, which means that marketing your page up with this code will help your page across multiple search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the Russian search engine, Yandex.

You can use schema to indicate a variety of different parts of your web page and to highlight several different types of content. For example, some of the most common selections are:

  • Places
  • People
  • Products
  • Events
  • Store hours
  • Reviews
  • Creative work type (Article, Blog Post, etc.)
  • Job Postings

Getting started with schema has also become relatively straight forward with Google’s Data Markup helper. By going to this website here, Google will help you create the code you need to create some common types of data markup. You simply need to enter the URL of the page you wish to tag, and it will walk you through the steps of adding the appropriate code to the page.

You will first select whether you want the markup for a webpage or an email. Then, you will select the type of information on the page that you want to mark up. Once you enter the URL, it will help you generate the HTML needed to markup your page.

Those who are more accustomed to creating and editing code directly can also use the information on the website, where they can access examples and learn what code would need to be added to generate the proper markup.

Schema has the potential to add valuable information to your website. It will help search engines better classify the information on your page, and increase your chances of getting your content displayed in a rich snippet. Those interested in taking advantage of this potential should consider how they can use the advice above to start adding schema to their sites.

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