Data Cube Product Guide:
Lift the Veil on Organic Search

Organic search is an essential marketing channel with more than half of trackable web traffic coming from search engines. Appearing in organic search results is important and ranking high in the search engine result pages is even more critical with 28.5% of searchers clicking on the first organic result and the first five organic results capturing more than 2/3 of all search clicks.

Faced with this reality, marketers and SEO professionals want to understand what people are searching for, how they are searching for it and what content is winning their attention. They also need to understand how their own content is performing in general and compared to direct and indirect competitors. These insights form the basis for a targeted search and content strategy.

In this product guide you will learn how BrightEdge Data Cube provides powerful research and reporting tools to marketers and SEOs to help them gather and make sense of search data, so they can form a targeted SEO and content strategy that drives meaningful traffic.



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