What are Common International Search Mistakes?

International search engines around the world - BrightEdgeWhy is international search important?

International search is becoming increasingly prevalent as a growing number of companies extend to markets overseas. As brands start dealing with different countries, they also find themselves encountering different languages, cultures and even search engines. This makes it important to understand how to succeed in international search to keep the business growing and avoid challenges when creating content for a new culture.

What do I need to know about international search?

Brands often run into problems when trying to translate content and keywords into a new language. Translators are interested in finding the best word to fit a particular word or phrase. This means that if you use nuances of a particular keyword in content, you could end up with duplicate keywords. You can also end up missing out on potential keywords in the new language if they do not have an English equivalent.

You need to make sure that you perform keyword research using search professionals whose native tongue is the new language. Native speakers will understand the nuances in language that language learners might miss. As foreign markets become more competitive, you need to make sure your content is ready.

Have an SEO strategy in place before moving to translation. You should have a concrete idea about how you want keywords translated so that you will have consistency across your marketing platforms. When you work with a translator, provide them with a glossary of how certain keywords should be used.

Should I use automated process for international search?

There are certain types of translation tools that allow brands to translate files using memory software. While these tools can be very convenient, they can also cause enormous headaches when they continually undo SEO recommendations. For example, say you make modifications to the French site in response to search optimization suggestions, but do not save your changes in the memory software. When something is then changed on the English page, it can touch off the whole translation process again, deleting the optimization efforts.

SEO when you search international is becoming increasingly important for many brands as they take their organizations overseas. Those interested in developing these sites should pay close attention to their translation and keyword efforts to make sure that the new version of the website is completely optimized for the local search engines.

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